A great way to start 2018! – Aerosparx, a revolution in flying displays

There has been much excitement today, with the relese of this first video from Adam Landau from This is Flight.Adam and Alexander Prins spent the weekend with us at The Gliding Centre in Feburary 2018 as we prepaired the aeroSPARX Grobs for thier first adventure to China, for the Zhengzhou airshow in 2 months time. Thanks as always to so many people, but we dont often mention Alpen Signs Ltd who have made our specialist mirror vinyl graphics, Simon Wood and Colin Whitehead of 2429Technologies who have designed and scratch built our new pyro and LED management computers, Fantazia Imports Ltd, who supply all our pyro and Vertigo Covers who have helped us make some flexible fittings to store many of our aircraft components in the Sea Container for the journey to China. Also very important, Richard Kilham and all at EES Avaition who have tolerated our preperation activities and late nights!Thanks also to our amazing partners blacks.co.uk, Bigatmo, XCommNet,Shinx Creative, Aviation 360, Sydney Charles Aviation, Sovereign Equestrian and to Adam, Alex, Rob Barsby, Guy Westgate, Keith Wilson, Bob Grimstead and Chris Pearson#aerosparx #Blacks_online #warm #airshow #scaviation #bluesky #world #aviation360 #thisisflight #smokeon #bigatmosunglassess #awesome #photooftheday ‬#onfleek #sovereignequestrian #clothing #weather #sydneycharles #xcommnet #vertigocovers #zhengzhou #airbornepyrtechnics #blacks #EverydaylifeOutdoors

Posted by aeroSPARX on Saturday, 10 March 2018

We can make airshow videos of almost any kind, for almost any reason.

Since our inception, videos have become an increasingly important part of what we do. Over the years, we’ve produced dozens of highlights compilations, video reports and documentaries for our YouTube channel. Our flagship programme, The Airshow, follows the world’s greatest pilots to airshows across the globe to see how they are adapting to the hostile new climate and to gain a spectacular insight into the workings of the industry.

We also produce videos with our friends at AirshowStuff and have provided footage for, among others, Google SG, the Republic of Singapore Air Force and the Jupiter Aerobatic Team. Most recently, we’ve been working with Aerosparx and GliderFX to produce videos throughout their 2018 display season – including Aerosparx’s new promotional video. Our footage from these trips has also been featured on Chinese and Portuguese national TV channels.

With our advanced equipment and limitless enthusiasm, we’d love to work on a video project with you, either for our own channel, or for yours – or both! Contact us to discuss it with you. You can also find out more about licensing our footage.