Airshow Dispatches S06E06: Antidotum Airshow Leszno

Antidotum Airshow Leszno is one of our favourite airshows of them all – a magical sunset affair that showcases every facet of aviation – and 2023 saw their biggest line up yet.
The event showcased everything from fast jets (Eurofighter and F-16) to transports (C-130), trainers (Orlik, PC-9), vintage jets (L-29), turboprop warbirds (Bronco), piston warbirds (Corsair, Boomerang), helicopters (Super Puma, Bo.105), aerobatic teams (Flying Bulls, PC-7 Team and the Royal Jordanian Falcons), parachutists (Team Phenix), paramotors (Flying Dragons), paragliders (Fly2Live), gliders (Team Blanix), hot air balloons and pyro displays (Aerosparx). The event also included a mass gathering of PZL-104 Wilgas to mark the type’s 60th anniversary.
This episode also features incredible drone filming at Leszno and Krzesiny Air Base.
Time Display
00:02 Poland x10 PZL-104 Wilga
00:03 Jordan Royal Jordanian Falcons (x4 Extra 330LX)
00:09 Poland PoAF PZL-130TC-II Orlik
00:12 Poland PoAF W-3W Sokół
00:15 France Czech Republic Vietnam War scenario (Bronco, AH-1S, MD500, Team Phenix)
00:20 France Equipe de Voltige Extra 330SC
00:23 France Netherlands Warbird Display Team (Yak-3UPW, CA-13 Boomerang)
00:25 Slovakia L-29 Delfín
00:27 Poland Luke Czepiela Carbon Cub SS
00:29 Poland Stearman N2S-3 Kaydet
00:31 Germany Christoph Zahn DFS Habicht
00:32 Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC (with comedy act)
00:37 Czech Republic Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team (x4 XA-42)
00:42 Austria F4U-4 Corsair
00:44 Austria Felix Baumgartner Bo.105
00:46 Switzerland PC-7 TEAM (x9 PC-7)
00:55 Germany German AF Eurofighter EF2000
00:58 Poland Fly2Live (paragliders and hang glider)
00:59 Slovenia Slovenian AF PC-9M Hudournik
01:02 Poland PoAF C-130E Hercules
01:05 Poland PoAF F-16C-52CF Jastrząb “Tiger Demo Team”
01:09 Switzerland Swiss AF TH06 AS332M-1 Super Puma
01:12 Austria Team Blanix (x2 L-13 Blanik)
01:16 Poland Grupa Akrobacyjna Żelazny (x3 Z-50LS)
01:17 France The Acrobats (Pitts S2-S, Extra 260)
01:18 France OV-10B Bronco
01:20 Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC
01:21 Sweden Johan Gustafsson SZD-59 Acro
01:22 Poland Bo.105
01:23 Poland BushCat
01:24 Poland PoAF C-130E Hercules (flare dump)
01:25 Poland Obornicki Motolotnie (x3 flexwing microlight)
01:26 Poland The Flying Dragons (x6 paramotor)
01:20 Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC
01:27 United Kingdom Aerosparx (x2 Grob 109b)