EAA AirVenture 2022 roundup

One hour of highlights from the world’s largest airshow, held annually in Oshkosh, WI, featuring the most memorable arrivals, departures, flybys and displays. The main theme this year was the 75th anniversary of the US Air Force, with types such as the C-5M, A-10C, F-15C, F-35A and T-38A all featuring. Past and present naval aircraft also featured, including two-ship Growler, Hawkeye and F-35C demonstrations, a Sea Fury, and the “Flight of the Cats”, featuring a Wildcat, Hellcat, Bearcat and Tigercat. Three large airliners took part in the show: the A330neo, 777-200 and 777-300. But perhaps the star of the show was the Polaris Dawn aerobatic team, flying three L-39s, two Alpha Jets and their extraordinary MiG-29UB.

00:02USAF arrivals (F-35A, CF-5D, T-38A, C-5M)
00:05Mass warbird arrivals
00:07Flight of the Cats (Wildcat, Hellcat, Bearcat, Tigercat)
00:09F-35C Demo Team (F-35C x2)
00:10Growler Demo Teaam & Legacy Flight (EA-18G x2, Corsair x2)
00:13E-2D Hawkeye x2
00:14Delta A330-900neo
00:16United 777-300ER
00:17Boeing 777-200ER EcoDemonstrator
00:18Electric EEL
00:19Opener Blackfly
00:20Grob 520 & Perlan II
00:21MV-22B Osprey
00:22CH-53E Super Stallion
00:23Howard DGA6 “Mister Mulligan”
00:23Howard 500 x2
00:24CallAir A2
00:24Matt Younkin Airshows (Beech 18 x2)
00:25Clarence Anderson flight (P-51s, P-39)
00:26Warbird showcase: Fighters (P-51, Yak-9, Bearcat, Corsair, P-40, Skyraider)
00:29Warbird showcase: Trainers/Liaison (O-1, O-2, L-1, L-5, Navion, T-6, Yak-52, CJ-6, Chipmunk, Bulldog, Epsilon)
00:32Warbird showcase: Transport (C-47 x5)
00:33Warbird showcase: Bombers (B-25 x3, B-29)
00:35Warbird showcase: Jets (L-39, L-29, S.211, T-33, F-86, MiG-17)
00:37Polaris Dawn (L-39 x3, Alpha Jet x2, MiG-29 x1)
00:42Van’s RV 50th anniversary flyby & the Rocky Mountain Renegades
00:45C-17A Globemaster III
00:47KC-135R Stratotanker
00:48U-2 Dragon Lady
00:49T-38A Talon
00:50F-15C Eagle x2
00:51F-35 Demo Team Heritage Flight (F-35A x1, P-51D x3)
00:52F-35 Demo Team demonstraiton & Heritage Flight (F-35A, P-51D, AD-1)
00:55Growler Demo Team (x2 EA-18G Growler)
00:56Legacy Flight (F-35C, EA-18G, EA-1E)
00:57Sea Fury FB.11
00:59Ghostwriter Airshows (DHC-1 Super Chipmunk)
00:61USAF departures (A-10C, F-15C, KC-46A, T-6A, C-5M)