Airshow Dispatches S07E04: RAF Cosford Air Show

Highlights from the RAF Cosford Airshow, in a year that featured numerous debuts and a high-quality military and civilian line up.

While the headliner of the show arguably came from the French Air Force – Couteau Delta with two Mirage 2000s – the RAF themselves provided one of the biggest flying display contributions at any airshow in recent years. Types on show included the Atlas, Voyager, Tutor, K-21, Typhoon, both variants of Hawk (one flown by the Red Arrows) and the HC.5 model of the Chinook, flying at an airshow for the first time. The RAF Falcons jumped from an Atlas for the first time at a public airshow, and the RAF also debuted its new, much-anticipated F-35B Lightning role demonstration.

Civilian highlights included Navy Wings’ Swordfish and Wasp, the Folland Gnat, B-17, Hurricane, Rolls Royce Heritage Flight and the Gazelle Squadron.

00:02United Kingdom RAF F-35B Lightning
00:06United Kingdom RAF Typhoon FGR.4
00:10United Kingdom RAF Chinook HC.5
00:13United Kingdom RAF Tutor T.1
00:14United Kingdom RAF Red Arrows (x9 Hawk T.1)
00:21United Kingdom x2 RAF Hawk T.2
00:21United Kingdom RAF Voyager KC.2
00:22United Kingdom x2 RAF Atlas C.1
00:23United Kingdom RAF Falcons & Atlas C.1
00:24United Kingdom RAF GSA K-21
00:25United Kingdom Hurricane Mk.I
00:27United Kingdom Spitfire PR.XIX & P-51D Mustang
00:29United Kingdom B-17G Flying Fortress
00:30United Kingdom PBY-5A Catalina
00:31United Kingdom The Gazelle Squadron (x4 Gazelle HT.2/3)
00:35United Kingdom Navy Wings & The Black Cats (Swordfish Mk.I, Wasp HAS.1, Wildcat HMA.2)
00:41Belgium AT-6D Texan
00:42United Kingdom Jet Provost T.3A
00:43United Kingdom Jet Provost T.5
00:44United Kingdom Gnat T.1
00:46United Kingdom Rich Goodwin Pitts S2S
00:49France Christophe Simon CAP-10BK
00:52France AAE Equipe de Voltige (Extra 330SC)
00:55France AAE Couteau Delta (x2 Mirage 2000D)