EAA AirVenture 2019 roundup

Almost an hour of highlights from EAA AirVenture 2019 in Oshkosh. From the coming together of three USAF demo teams, massive formations of Dakotas and Mustangs, rare British warbirds and some unique performances by the US Navy, AirVenture 2019 was one to remember.

00:01United States Mass warbird arrivals
00:02United States Twin Tigers
00:04United States Yak-110
00:05United States XP-82 Twin Mustang
00:07United States P-51B/C/D/H Mustang x16
00:08United States P-51C Mustang & Spitfire Mk.IX
00:10United States USAF Heritage Flight (P-51D, A-10C, F-22A, F-35A)
00:11United States USAF F-35A Lightning II
00:13United States USAF A-10C Thunderbolt II
00:15United States USAF Heritage Flight (A-10C, AD-1, P-51D)
00:16United States Trojan Thunder
00:18United States Rocky Mountain Renegades
00:20United States Team Oracle
00:21United States The Adventures of Aviore
00:23United States Firefighting demo (Aero Commander 500, CL-215, AT-802, C-130 MAFS)
00:25Canada CT-144 Tutor
00:26United States Blue Angels
00:27United States Thunderbirds
00:28United States Warbirds of America: Firefly, Spitfire, Mosquito)
00:29United States Warbirds of America: L-39 x6, L-29, A-4, MiG-17 x2)
00:31United States Warbirds of America: B-25 x2, B-29
00:32United States Warbirds of America: DC-3/C-47 x9
00:34United States USN Legacy Flight (FJ-4, EA-18G)
00:35United States USN Legacy Flight (T-45 x2, T-2)
00:37United States USN F-35C Lightning II
00:38United States Year of the Fighter (A-10C, F-35A, F-22A)
00:40United States USAF F-22A Raptor
00:42United States USAF Heritage Flight (P-51D x3, F-22A)
00:44United States Julie Clark T-34 Mentor
00:45United States Class of ’45
00:46United States AeroShell
00:48United States Randy Ball MiG-17F
00:50United States Redline Airshows
00:51United States Fireworks