Airshow Dispatches S02E05: The Shuttleworth Military Airshow

Our first visit to Shuttleworth for the Airshow Dispatches series brings us to one of their best shows in recent years. Blessed by perfect weather and pleasant environs, the Military Airshow also featured a stellar line up of aircraft, from larger types like the P-47 and B-17 to the rare Steiglitz and two of Europe’s three Avro 504ks as well as a spirited appearance by the Royal Jordanian Falcons. The main draw is a seven-ship display of Hawker Hurricanes – the largest such formation of aircraft in many decades. The Shuttleworth Edwardians also feature.

Time Display
00:02 United Kingdom P-47D Thunderbolt
00:03 United Kingdom Blackburn B.2, DH.82a Tiger Moth & Avro 621 Tutor
00:05 United Kingdom Gloster Gladiator
00:06 United Kingdom B-17G Flying Fortress
00:07 United Kingdom Chimpunk T.22 & Piston Provost T.1
00:09 United Kingdom Bristol M1C, Sopwith Camel, Sopwith Triplane, RAF SE5a
00:11 Jordan Royal Jordanian Falcons
00:14 Germany Fw44 Steiglitz
00:15 United Kingdom x2 Avro 504k & Nieuport 17
00:16 United Kingdom x7 Hawker Hurricane
00:19 United Kingdom Bristol Boxkite, Deperdussin, Avro Triplane & Blackburn Monoplane