Airshow Dispatches S03E03: Leszno Antidotum Airshow

August 2020 brought one of the best airshows we’ve ever attended: the Leszno Antidotum Airshow in Poland. With its perfect venue, varied line up, high-calibre flying and superb hospitality, the Antidotum was a memorable affair and a welcome break from a year dominated by the pandemic. Red Bull acts had a strong presence, including Team Blanix, the T-28 Trojan and the incredible Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team. Poland’s only flying SB Lim-2 was another memorable highlight, and superb night time displays came from Aerosparx and the Flying Dragons.

00:02Czech Republic Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team
00:07Czech Republic C-45H Expeditor “Southern Comfort”
00:09Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC
00:11Poland Hatz Classic & Tercel
00:13Poland Flying Dragons
00:14United Kingdom Aerosparx Display Team
00:16Poland Zelazny Aerobatic Group
00:20Austria T-28B Trojan
00:23Poland SB Lim-2
00:25Poland United States Germany Ercoupe x2
00:26Austria Team Blanix
00:30Poland Fly2Live
00:31Poland Mikołaj Tołkacz Falcon 2000S
00:32United Kingdom FireFlies Display Team
00:33Poland Marek Choim Extra 330
00:35Poland Flying Dragons
00:37United Kingdom Aerosparx Display Team