Airshow Dispatches S01E02: The Jersey International Air Display

The Jersey Air Display always attracts aircraft which other UK airshows can only dream of. The Swedish Air Force Historic Flight, Jersey regulars, performed in 2018 with the Draken and Viggen, joining the sole other fast jet display team, the Red Arrows. French displays feature strongly, from the weird and wonderful Patrouille Reva to the world’s only flying Nord Noratlas, all flying over the picturesque St. Aubin’s Bay.

00:03United Kingdom PA-25 Pawnee
00:05France MD.311 Flamant & MD.312 Flamant
00:06United Kingdom AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers
00:09France Nord 2501 Noratlas
00:11United Kingdom GliderFX
00:15France Patrouille Reva
00:17Sweden J-35 Draken
00:18Sweden SK-37 Viggen
00:21United Kingdom Rich Goodwin Pitts S-2S
00:22United Kingdom Red Arrows