Airshow Dispatches S01E02: The Jersey International Air Display

The island territory of Jersey stages one of the most unique air displays in the region, bringing together the best of the British and French airshow scenes, and classic jets from across Europe. The midweek airshow is held in St. Aubin’s Bay, just outside St. Helier, and is one of the largest annual events on the island of Jersey.

Time Display
00:03 United Kingdom PA-25 Pawnee
00:05 France MD.311 Flamant & MD.312 Flamant
00:06 United Kingdom AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers
00:09 France Nord 2501 Noratlas
00:11 United Kingdom GliderFX
00:15 France Patrouille Reva
00:17 Sweden J-35 Draken
00:18 Sweden SK-37 Viggen
00:21 United Kingdom Rich Goodwin Pitts S-2S
00:22 United Kingdom Red Arrows