Airshow Dispatches S05E02: Midlands Air Festival

Highlights from the Midlands Air Festival, the first major airshow of the UK season. Headlined by the Red Arrows, it was the first chance to see their new 7-ship display routine. Rarities in the flying programme included the Vampire T.11, OV-10B Bronco and Lancaster B.1, while formation aerobatics came from Midlands Air Festival favourites Tiger 9, Team Raven and Strikemaster Display UK. The RAF Falcons were another star of the show, and we also take a quick look at the Nightfire pyrotechnic air displays.

Watch the bonus content here.

00:02United Kingdom Red Arrows
00:08United Kingdom Strikemaster Display UK
00:12United Kingdom Wasp HAS.1
00:14United Kingdom Auster AOP.6
00:16Belgium OV-10B Bronco
00:19United Kingdom Airborne Pyrotechnics
00:21United Kingdom RAF Tutor T.1
00:24United Kingdom Tiger 9
00:28United Kingdom Rolls Royce Heritage Flight Spitfire PR.XIX
00:31United Kingdom Rolls Royce Heritage Flight P-51D Mustang
00:34United Kingdom Canso A (PBY-5A Catalina)
00:35United Kingdom B-17G Flying Fortress
00:38United Kingdom Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Spitfire Mk.IIa, Hurricane Mk.II, Lancaster B.1)
00:47United Kingdom Vampire T.11
00:51United Kingdom Otto the Helicopter (Schweizer 300)
00:53United Kingdom The Turbulent Team
00:55France Christophe Simon CAP-10C
00:57United Kingdom Iain Smith Pitts S1-E
00:59United Kingdom Team Raven
01:03United Kingdom RAF Falcons
01:05United Kingdom Otto the Helicopter (Schweizer 300) NIGHT SHOW
01:06United Kingdom Airborne Pyrotechnics NIGHT SHOW