Airshow Dispatches S02E09: The Edinburgh Airshow

For the final episode of series two of Airshow Dispatches, we head to Australia for the first time. The Edinburgh Airshow was the biggest Royal Australian Air Force show in several years, drawing around 60,000 people to the Adelaide air base. The show was the first major appearence for the Roulettes since upgrading from the PC-9 to the PC-21, as well as featuring other RAAF aircraft such as the C-17A, F/A-18F and F-35A. Historic aircraft also featured, not least a trio of CA-12 Boomerang, CA-13 Boomerang and Lockheed Hudson.

Time Display
00:02 Australia F/A-18F Super Hornet
00:04 Australia CA-12 Boomerang, CA-13 Boomerang & Hudson
00:05 Australia Matt Hall MXS-R
00:07 Australia P-8A Poseidon
00:08 Australia P-2 Neptune
00:09 Australia DHC-4 Caribou
00:10 Australia F-35A Lightning II
00:12 Australia A-37B Dragonfly
00:14 Australia Spitfire, Hurricane, P-40E Kittihawk & CA-18 Mustang
00:16 Australia C-17A Globemaster III
00:17 Australia The Roulettes