Airshow Dispatches S01E03: The Zhengzhou Airshow

Our first international destination is Zhengzhou in China’s Henan provence, for what was probably China’s first ever night airshow. Aerosparx and the Global Stars dazzled after sunset, but the mighty Yakovlevs proved popular in the light of day. Our privilaged access takes us onto the active ramp and to the top of the control tower.

00:02United Kingdom Mark Jefferies Extra 330SC
00:05United Kingdom Yakovlevs
00:07United Kingdom Aerosparx
00:11Italy Pioneer Team
00:12Lithuania Presidential Team ANBO
00:15United Kingdom Global Stars
00:21United Kingdom AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers
00:24United States Jason Newburgh “Viper” Pitts
00:29Italy Pioneer Team (night)
00:30United Kingdom Global Stars (night)
00:34United Kingdom Aerosparx (night)