Airshow Dispatches S01E03: The Zhengzhou Airshow

Episode 3 takes us to one of the largest civilian airshows in China – the Zhengzhou Airshow in Shangjie. The show featured top acts from the European airshow scene, such as the Yakovlevs and the Global Stars, and also included China’s first night airshow courtesy of Aerosparx.

Time Display
00:02 United Kingdom Mark Jefferies Extra 330SC
00:05 United Kingdom Yakovlevs
00:07 United Kingdom Aerosparx
00:11 Italy Pioneer Team
00:12 Lithuania Presidential Team ANBO
00:15 United Kingdom Global Stars
00:21 United Kingdom AeroSuperBatics WingWalkers
00:24 United States Jason Newburgh “Viper” Pitts
00:29 Italy Pioneer Team (night)
00:30 United Kingdom Global Stars (night)
00:34 United Kingdom Aerosparx (night)