Airshow Dispatches S06E07: Radom Airshow

Highlights from one of Europe’s biggest airshows, the Radom Airshow, returning to the calendar after a five-year hiatus. As well as featuring some of Europe’s top fast jet solo displays, the airshow also featured a strong showcase of Polish Armed Forces assets, most notably including one of the final airshow appearances of their outgoing Su-22s and MiG-29s. The event also included a night show for the first time.

Time Display
00:02 Poland Air Parade (64 aircraft)
00:09 Poland Airfield Attack (x2 Su-22M4, MiG-29A, FA-50PL)
00:11 Poland Warbird showcase (RWD-5, RWD-8, DHC-1 Chipmunk, L-4 Grasshopper, Harvard Mk.IV)
00:13 Poland x2 TS-11 Iskra
00:16 Greece Demo Team Zeus (HAF F-16C Fighting Falcon)
00:18 Poland Luke Czepiela Edge 540T
00:19 United Kingdom P-51D Mustang “Little Rebel”
00:20 Poland 3AT3 (x3 AT-3)
00:21 Czech Republic CzAF JAS-39C Gripen
00:24 Czech Republic CzAF W-3A Sokół
00:26 Poland PoAF M346 Bielik
00:28 Poland Polish AF C295M
00:30 Poland Polish AF SW-4 Puszczyk
00:31 Denmark RDAF F-16AM Fighting Falcon
00:35 Poland Lim-2B, SB Lim-2
00:37 Poland Artur Kielak Gamebird GB1
00:38 Poland Cellfast Flying Team (x4 MS.893 Rallye)
00:39 Finland Finnish AF F/A-18C Hornet
00:44 United Kingdom AW109, AW149, AW101
00:47 Poland Polish Navy W-3WARM Anakonda
00:48 Poland Aerobatic Team Orlik (x6 PZL-130TC-II)
00:52 Poland Grupa Akrobacyjna ŻELAZNY (x3 Z-50LS)
00:54 United Kingdom RAF Typhoon FGR.4
00:58 Poland PZL M28-05
01:00 Switzerland Patrouille Suisse (x6 F-5E Tiger II)
01:08 United Kingdom Aerosparx (x2 Grob 109b)
01:09 Belgium Belgian AF F-16AM Fighting Falcon
01:13 Austria Flying Bulls (x2 Alpha Jet A, Edge 540T, Bo.105)
01:17 Poland TS-11 Iskra – pyro
01:19 Poland Tiger Demo Team (PoAF F-16C Jastrząb)
01:23 Poland Grupa Akrobacyjna ŻELAZNY (x3 Z-50LS) – pyro
01:24 Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC – pyro
01:24 Poland PoAF Su-22M4
01:25 Poland Maciej Pospieszyński S-1 Swift – pyro
01:26 Poland Bushcat Demo Team – pyro
01:26 Poland Flying Dragons – pyro
01:27 Poland Bo.105 – pyro
01:28 United Kingdom Aerosparx (x2 Grob 109b) – pyro
01:29 Poland PoAF C-130E Hercules