Airshow Dispatches S06E04: Cosford Air Show

The RAF’s last remaining airshow, Cosford this year attracted three national aerobatic teams for the first time in many years, and provided a final opportunity to say farewell to the RAF Hercules fleet. Event organisers faced down an extremely challenging situation, with a huge number of aircraft cancellations, yet still managed to keep the show on the road.

Time Display
00:02 United Kingdom RAF Falcons
00:04 France Team Phenix
00:05 United Kingdom RAF Hercules C.4
00:06 United Kingdom RAF Chinook HC.6A
00:08 United Kingdom Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Spitfire Mk.Vb, Hurricane Mk.IIc)
00:11 United Kingdom RAF Typhoon FGR.4
00:16 United Kingdom Lynx AH.7
00:20 United Kingdom Iain Gallacher ASK-21
00:21 Jordan Royal Jordanian Falcons (x4 Extra 330LX)
00:27 United Kingdom Rich Goodwin Pitts S-2S “Muscle Biplane”
00:30 United Kingdom Auster AOP.6, O-1A Bird Dog
00:32 Switzerland Patrouille Suisse (x6 F-5E Tiger II)
00:49 United Kingdom Yak-3UTI
00:41 United Kingdom RAF Atlas C.1
00:42 United Kingdom Rolls Royce Heritage Flight (Spitfire PR.XIX, P-51D Mustang)
00:44 United Kingdom Red Arrows (x8 Hawk T.1A)
00:51 France Christophe Simon CAP-10C
00:54 United Kingdom Wasp HAS.1
00:55 United Kingdom N2S-5 Kaydet
00:56 United Kingdom RAF F-35B Lightning
00:57 United Kingdom Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (Lancaster B.1)