Airshow Dispatches S04E04: Duxford Flying Day V

Highlights from Duxford’s fifth Flying Day of 2021, with a focus on 19 Squadron – the first RAF unit to receive the Spitfire. It was appropriate, therefore, the IWM’s Spitfire Mk.Ia was one of the highlights of the flying display, along with P-51D Mustang “Miss Helen”, representing another type used by the squadron. We’ll take a look at the evolution of competition aerobatic aircraft over the last half-century, but the most unusual participants of the day are a pair of US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles and a very rare performance indeed by a Nanchang CJ-6.

Time Display
00:02 United States USAF F-15E Strike Eagle x2
00:03 United Kingdom Spitfire Mk.Ia
00:07 United Kingdom Hurricane Mk.I”
00:09 Netherlands Yakovlev Yak-50
00:12 United Kingdom CAP-232 & Extra 300L
00:19 United Kingdom AT-6B Harvard IIa
00:23 United Kingdom Nanchang CJ-6A
00:25 United Kingdom P-51D Mustang “Miss Helen”