Airshow Dispatches S02E08: The Sichuan Airshow

In our second trip to China, we head to one of the country’s biggest international airshows, just outside the regional capital of Chengdu. Headlined by the Baltic Bees Jet Team, the show also featured the world debut of the Global Stars as a five-ship team, and several local acts, such as the Comac ARJ21-700 and K-1200 M-Max. It also featured pyrotechnic displays for the first time. We’ll ride along with Aerosparx and the Global Stars with stunning onboard footage.

Time Display
00:02 United Kingdom Global Stars
00:06 Italy Blu Circe
00:07 China Comac ARJ21-700
00:08 China Kaman K-1200 K-Max
00:09 Latvia Baltic Bees Jet Team
00:14 Italy Pioneer Team (night)
00:16 United Kingdom Global Stars (night)
00:17 United Kingdom Aerosparx (night)