Airshow Dispatches S05E10: Bonus Airshow Dispatches

Not all the filming we do makes it into an Airshow Dispatches episode – sometimes an event is too small to warrent its own episode, the weather isn’t on our side or we can’t stick around for the whole show. So here is one hour of previously unseen action from four events during our 2022 airshow season.

Boscombe Down: We enjoyed a fantastic display practice by the Black Eagles at Boscombe Down, shortly before the first public display of their European tour.

Farnborough: While not enough flew for the show to be worth its own Airshow Dispatches episode, we enjoyed watching airliners such as the 777X and 737 MAX, as well as some rare products from Turkish Aerospace Industries.

Clacton: Some displays from the twilight show that we didn’t see elsewhere this year – flown in a gloriously colourful dusk sky.

Central Coast: This was shaping up to be a phenomenal event, but sadly we could only attend on practice day when much of the line up didn’t fly. Nonetheless, enjoy acts such as the F/A-18F, C-17, P-51, Jet Waco and one of the best fast jet solos we have ever filmed: the USAF F-35A with incredible vapour in humid, overcast conditions.

00:02Korea, Republic of Black Eagles (x8 T-50B)
00:10United States 737 MAX 10
00:12United States 777X-9
00:15France A350-900
00:19Brazil E190-E2 “Profit Hunter”
00:21Turkey Hurkus HYEU
00:23Turkey T-129 ATAK
00:27United Kingdom Silver Stars & The Tigers
00:28United Kingdom The Firebirds (x2 RV-4)
00:32United States USN F/A-18F Super Hornet
00:37United States USAF C-17A Globemaster III
00:39United States Eric Tucker J-3 Cub
00:41United States Kyle Fowler LongEZ
00:42United States Dell Coller Jet Waco
00:44United States P-51D Mustang “Swamp Fox”
00:45United States Red Bull Air Force (Bo105, Edge 540)
00:49United States USAF F-35A Lightning II