Airshow Dispatches S02E07: Festa al Cel

If it’s military helicopter action you’re after, Festa al Cel is the show for you. The Chinook, Tiger and Patrulla Aspa join other Spanish armed forces assest, including the A400M and EF-18 Hornet. Our viewing spot is at the top of Lleida’s 11-storey control tower.

00:02Spain Airbus A400M
00:04Spain Air Tractor AT-802 “Fire Boss”
00:05Spain HA-220 Super Saeta
00:07Spain EF-18A Hornet
00:09Spain CH-47D Chinook
00:12Spain Dornier Do-27A
00:13Spain Patrulla Aspa
00:16Spain Eurocopter Tigre (night)
00:19United Kingdom Aerosparx Display Team (night)