EAA AirVenture 2021 roundup

45 minutes of highlights from EAA AirVenture 2021 in Oshkosh. The highlight was arguably the “WWII 75+1” display, re-enacting the entirity of the Second World War. The featured military branch this year was the USAF Special Operations Command, which performed a special one-off display with two CV-22Bs, an MC-130J and an AC-130J. We also enjoyed a two-ship Growler tactical demonstration, F/A-18F Super Hornet sunset demonstration, four-ship F-16C heritage flight and more.

00:02Arrivals & departures (Mini B-17, 737 MAX, 747-8F, DC-8)
00:04Arrivals & departures (F-15C, MH-47G, C-17A, A400M)
00:06Mass warbird formations
00:07Warbirds showcase: transport (C-47)
00:08Warbirds showcase: light warbirds & trainers (PT-17, Navion, O-1, O-2)
00:09Warbird showcase: jets (A-4, S-211, L-39, MiG-17, T-33)
00:11Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (Spitfire, Hurricane)
00:12Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (P-40)
00:13Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (Tora Tora Tora)
00:14Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (B-25)
00:15Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (Catalina)
00:16Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (P-38)
00:17Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (P-51)
00:19Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (C-47)
00:20Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (Corsair)
00:21Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (Class of ’45)
00:22Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (B-17)
00:23Warbird showcase: WWII 75+1 (B-25, P-51, Sea Fury)
00:25Two Buck Chuck
00:26Adventures of Avoire
00:27Aerial Applicators
00:28Goodyear Blimp
00:29Innovation Day (Blackfly, Volocopter, Skycourier)
00:30Gamebird GB1
00:31Yak-110 & Jet Waco
00:32STOL competition
00:33AFSOC demo (CV-22, MC-130)
00:34Gunship Heritage Flight (AC-130, AC-47)
00:35Arrivals & departures (RC-12, C-145, C-146, U-28)
00:36A-10C airfield attack
00:37Viper Demo Team & Heritage Flight (F-16, P-51, P-38)
00:38Growler Demo Team & Legacy Flight (EA-18G, F4U, T-28)
00:41Viper Demo Team & Heritage Flight (F-16, P-40)
00:42AFSOC demo (CV-22, MC-130, AC-130)
00:43F/A-18F TacDemo