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This Week in Airshows: Monday 13th August

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Dragon Rapide crashes at Abbotsford Airshow

A 1930s airliner has crashed on take off during a passenger flight at the Abbotsford Airshow.

The DH.89 Dragon Rapide was taking four paying adult passengers on a pleasure flight after the day’s aerial display. The aircraft had just taken off when eyewitnesses said it nose-dived into the ground. All five occupents were taken to hospital, one with critical injuries.

The aircraft is owned by the Seattle-based Historic Flight Foundation, who also fly a DC-3, Spitfire, Grummand TBM and P-51 Mustang, among others. The ill-fated Dragon Rapide was being piloted by John Sessions, the flight’s founder.

The airshow continued as planned the following day, headlined by the Snowbirds, Blue Angels, RCAF CF-188A and USAF A-10C.

San Javier to become warbird base

San Javier Airport in Murcia, Spain, is set to become a major warbird base after it closes to commercial flights this winter.

A proposal to move the Fundación Infante de Orléans’ fleet of historic aircraft to the airport has been approved by all parties after they were forced to leave their long-time home of Cuatro Vientos Airfield in Madrid. The foundation preserve a fleet of over 40 historic aircraft, of which many are airwothy, including a Dragon Rapide, T-6 Texan, Beechcraft C-35 and Polikarpov I-16.

The joint military-civilian airport of San Javier has been chosen as an ideal base, with commercial flights ceasing to operate to the airport in January 2019. Murcia will, from then on, be served by a new airport in nearby Corvera. Military jets will continue to use the base, however, including Spain’s national aerobatic team, Patrulla Aguila.

Murcia Today have reported the move has created a “real possibility” that large-scale airshows could become a far more common feature in future. The announcement comes two months after the base hosted its first major airshow in several years on June 9th, which was attended by 300,000 spectators, including the King of Spain. The Patrulla Aguila, Frecce Tricolori and Patrouille de France were among the headline acts.

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