Airshow Dispatches S05E05: Meaux Airshow

Highlights from the Meaux Airshow 2022, which paid tribute to the 80th anniversary of the Normandie Niemen by presenting a mix of Yakovlev types. Other historic aircraft in the flying display included a rare Deperdussin TT, Christophe Jacquard’s Spitfire PR.XIX and a duo display by an MD.311 Flamant and DC-3. The future of flight was represented by the Rafale C and Velis Electro, while formation aerobatics were provided by Fly & Fun and the Patrouille de France.

00:02France Patrouille Fly & Fun
00:05France Fokker DR.1, RAF SE5a
00:06France Deperdussin Type T
00:07France Pipistrel Velis Electro
00:08France French Air & Space Force Rafale C
00:10France DC-3C-S1C3G, MD-311 Flamant
00:14France Spitfire PR.XIX “PS890”
00:16France Yak-3UA, Yak-9P
00:17France YakoTeam (x2 Yak-52, Yak-18T)
00:18France CAP-232
00:19France Equipe de Voltige (Extra 330SC)
00:21Sweden Johan Gustafsson SZD-59 Acro
00:22France x3 L-4 Grasshopper
00:23France x7 T-6 Harvard
00:24France CASA 1131E Jungmann, Bu133E Jungmeister
00:25France MC-15E Cri Cri, MH-1521C-1 Broussard
00:26France Patrouille de France (x8 Alpha Jet)