Airshow Dispatches S02E06: Gdynia AeroBaltic

Gdynia AeroBaltic is one of the newest and largest airshows in the Baltic region, featuring full large-scale flying displays at Gdynia-Kosokowo Airport, followed by an evening airshow at Gdynia City Beach. The 2019 headliners were the Saudi Hawks and a Ukrainian Su-27, but the Polish Air Force also provided a highlight with a Su-22 Fitter solo demonstration. We then move to the night show, headlined by Aerosparx. This episode also takes us up into the sky during the show, with spectacular drone footage at both venues. You can read the full review here.

Time Display
00:02 Poland Aerobatic Team Orlik
00:04 Poland Orlik Memorial Flight
00:05 Sweden SK-37 Viggen
00:06 Sweden J-34 Hunter
00:08 Poland Firebirds Aerobatic Team
00:10 Ukraine Su-27P Flanker
00:13 Poland W-3RM Anakonda
00:14 Finland Arctic Eagles Aerobatic Team
00:17 Poland Su-22M-4 Fitter
00:19 Saudi Arabia Saudi Hawks
00:24 Poland Zelazny Aerobatic Group (night)
00:26 Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC (night)
00:27 Sweden Johan Gustafsson Thorp T-18 (night)
00:28 United Kingdom Aerosparx Display Team (night)