Airshow Dispatches S01E01: The Royal International Air Tattoo

A special bumper-length episode kick-starts the first series of Airshow Dispatches, featuring 90 minutes of uninterrupted action from the world’s largest military airshow. RIAT 2018 celebrated the 100th anniversary of the Royal Air Force, with a timeless display from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight and a strong showing from the air arm’s more modern display teams.

Foreign visitors include the US Air Force F-35A Lightning, Ukrainian Air Force Su-27P Flanker, Italy’s Frecce Tricolori and a powerful showing from France’s Couteau Delta. This video includes cockpit footage from the Swiss Air Force F-18C Hornet, BBMF, Belgian Air Force Agusta A-109 and the Royal Jordanian Falcons.

You can read a full review of the show here.

Time Display
00:03 Switzerland PC-7 Team
00:07 Switzerland F-18C Hornet
00:10 Finland F-18C Hornet
00:12 Canada CF-188A Hornet
00:15 United Kingdom Great War Display Team
00:16 France Atlantique II
00:19 France x2 Rafale M
00:21 France Rafale C
00:23 Switzerland Couteau Delta
00:26 Spain Patrulla Aguila
00:32 United Kingdom Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
00:38 United States US Air Force Heritage Flight
00:41 United States F-35A Lightning II
00:42 United States B-2A Spirit & x2 F-15C Eagle
00:43 United States CV-22B Osprey
00:45 Czech Republic JAS-39C Gripen
00:46 Sweden JAS-39C Gripen
00:48 Norway Vampire T.55 & Vampire FB.52
00:49 Greece “Zeus” F-16C Fighting Falcon
00:50 Poland “Tiger” F-16C Fighting Falcon
00:51 Turkey “SoloTurk” F-16C Fighting Falcon
00:54 Belgium “Dark Falcon” F-16AM Fighting Falcon
00:58 United Kingdom Red Arrows
01:06 Belgium A-109BA
01:07 Finland NH90 TTH
01:08 Slovenia PC-9M Swift
01:09 Jordan Royal Jordanian Falcons
01:13 United Kingdom Typhoon FGR.4
01:14 United Kingdom Chinook HC.6
01:15 Spain Airbus A400M
01:16 Ukraine Su-27P Flanker
01:20 Italy T-346A Master
01:20 Italy F-2000A Typhoon
01:21 Italy C-27J Spartan
01:22 Italy Frecce Tricolori
01:27 United Kingdom x9 Typhoon FGR.4
01:28 United Kingdom Lancaster, F-35B & Tornado GR.4
01:29 United Kingdom F-35B Lightning