Airshow Dispatches S04E03: Antidotum Airshow Leszno

Highlights from Antidotum Airshow Leszno in Poland, including stunning cockpit and aerial footage from the L-29 Delfin, Aerosparx, GliderFX, Marek Choim and Team Blanix. We also get up close to the Flying Bulls with some extremely low flybys.

Red Bull contributed a selection of aircraft: the Bo105, Team Blanix, P-38 Lightning, T-28 Trojan, B-25 Mitchell, P-51 Mustang and Edge 540. The Polish Air Force also supported the show strongly, with their C-130E Hercules making its first ever airshow performance, as well as the F-16 “Tiger Demo Team” and Aerobatic Team Orlik. The Swiss Air Force provided the event’s first ever foreign military participant: the AS332M1 Super Puma.

Leszno is famous for its imaginative aerial artistry, and this year, that came from the Aerosparx Display Team and Marek Choim, displaying along with ground-launched pyrotechnics, and Luke Czepiela, flying a hot air balloon chicane in his Edge 540.

00:02Slovakia L-29 Delfin
00:05Poland Classic Formation (Ercoupe pair)
00:06Austria Flying Bulls P-38 Lightning & P-51 Mustang”
00:08Poland Grupa Akrobacyjna Zelazny
00:11Austria Flying Bulls T-28 Trojan & B-25 Mitchell
00:15Poland Aerobatic Team Orlik
00:18Austria Flying Bulls Bo105
00:19Poland SB Lim-2
00:22Poland PoAF Mil Mi-8
00:23Austria Red Bull Team Blanix
00:26Austria Poland Flying Bulls B-25, P-51, P-38, T-28 & Edge 540
00:31Poland PoAF F-16C “Tiger Demo Team”
00:34Switzerland AS332M1 Super Puma
00:39United Kingdom GliderFX S-1 Swift
00:41Poland C-130E Hercules
00:43Poland Marek Choim Extra 330SC
00:45Poland Flying Dragons
00:46United Kingdom Aerosparx Display Team