Airshow Dispatches S06E01: Australian International Airshow

The Australian International Airshow at Avalon returned for the first time in four years, headlined by Korea’s Black Eagles. Joining them, a variety of other international participants including the USAF F-22A Raptor, USAF B-52H Stratofortress and JASDF Kawasaki C-2.

The home team contributed strongly, with the traditional ADF Showcase, 100 Squadron warbirds, the Roulettes and solo displays by the F-35A and F/A-18F.

00:02United States USAF F-22A Raptor
00:07United States USAF B-52H-BW Stratofortress
00:08United States USAF C-17A Globemaster III
00:10Japan JASDF Kawasaki C-2
00:11Korea, Republic of ROKAF Black Eagles (x8 T-50B Golden Eagle)
00:19Australia Matt Hall Racing (MXS-R, Extra 300L)
00:20Australia Sky Aces (x2 Pitts S1-E, Pitts S1-11X, Wolf Pitts S-1S Pro)
00:21United Kingdom Mark Jefferies Extra NG
00:23Sweden Scandinavian Airshows Catwalk (G-146A Ag Cat)
00:24Australia 100 Squadron trainers (Tiger Moth, Ryan, Winjeel, Harvard, Airtrainer)
00:25Australia 100 Squadron fighters (Spitfire, Mustang)
00:26Australia 100 Squadron jets (Canberra TT.18)
00:29Australia Pride in Australia (Qantas A330-200, x2 F/A-18F)
00:31Australia RAAF Roulettes (x6 PC-21)
00:33Australia ADF Showcase (E-7A, P-8A, KC-30A, MH-60R, F-35A, F/A-18F)
00:37Australia RAN MH-60R Seahawk “Romeo”
00:39Australia RAAF F/A-18F Super Hornet
00:42Australia RAAF F-35A Lightning II
00:45United States Bob Carlton H-101 Super Salto
00:47Australia Scandinavian Airshows LLP (G-146A Ag Cat)
00:48Australia RAAF C-130J-30 Hercules