Airshow Dispatches S01E05: The Portugal Air Summit

Ponte de Sor is home to Portugal’s only regular major airshow. While Portugal does not have a fully-developed airshow scene, this gives the rare chance to see a small number of unusual aircraft being put through their paces. The Portuguese Air Force, particularly, stunned with some low flypasts, while three civilian teams provided the bulk of the aerial entertainment. GliderFX performed Portugal’s first pyro air display to close the show.

Time Display
00:02 Portugal Air Tractor 802 “Fire Boss”
00:04 United Kingdom GliderFX
00:05 Portugal x2 F-16A Fighting Falcon
00:06 Portugal C-295
00:08 Spain Castor Fantoba Su-26M
00:12 Spain Jacob52
00:15 Spain Yakstars
00:18 United Kingdom GliderFX (night)