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FEATURE: 2015 Airshow Season Retrospective – Top 20 Airshow Moments This is Flight videos

We look back at a superb year with this best-of video compilation and photo album, plus a countdown of our top 20 airshow moments for 2015! This is our final feature of the year, but stay tuned for much more in 2016…


REPORT: Dubai Airshow

Featuring an impressive lineup including Frecce Tricolori, Al Fursan, Typhoon, Rafale, F-22, Mirage 2000 and B-1, the largest airshow in the Middle-East put on an impressive airshow with extensive flying and static displays.


REPORT: Wings Over Houston

One of Texas’ largest airshows, Wings Over Houston saw two jet teams: France’s Breitling Jet Team and the USAF’s Thunderbirds. The sunrise tour, Me-262 and WWII reenactments were also major highlights. We spent the whole week at the show.

FEATURE: Vulcan’s Final Farewell to Flight

With an emotionally-charged final flight yesterday, Vulcan XH558’s flying career is finally over. Read about the highlights of the last eight years, as well as what the future has in store, illustrated by stunning images.

FEATURE: Feel the Thunder

The USAF Thunderbirds are quite possibly the most recognised aerobatic team in the world. We caught up with TB5 Jason Curtis at Wings Over Houston to discuss the secrets of flying with one of the world’s top aerobatic teams.


REPORT: Duxford Battle of Britain Airshow

The Duxford Airshow will go down in history as one of the best commemorations of the Battle of Britain in many years. The 17-ship Spitfire flypast and tailchase was truly a highlight of the year!


FEATURE: The Slow Death of the RAF’s Airshows

The last few days have seen the cancellation of two of the RAF’s much-loved airshow performers, as well as confirmation that the RAF Waddington Airshow will not return. It is a great loss for the UK airshow scene.


REPORT: Shuttleworth Pageant Airshow

The Shuttleworth Collection is known for hosting a number of small airshows each year, including its own historic aircraft. The Pageant Airshow featured several unique formations including a formation of Hurricane and Gladiator, along with a 4-ship of biplanes.


FEATURE: Knights of the Sky This is Flight videos

Flying six F-16s, the RSAF Black Knights are one of the must elusive and intriguing aerobatic teams in the world. We followed the team to every event they flew at during their 2014-2015 season.


REPORT: Chicago Air and Water Show This is Flight videos

Although it was tainted by the death of the Golden Knight parachutist Corey Hood, the Chicago Air and Water Show made for an exciting day out, including two jet teams and a host of civilian performers.


REPORT: Dawlish Airshow

Even though the weather did not play ball, leading to the cancellation of the Red Arrows, Sea Vixen and BBMF, Dawlish still managed to put on a varied flying display including the Vulcan thanks to huge public support.


REPORT: RNAS Culdrose Air Day

Culdrose plays host to one of only three military-run airshows in the UK this year, and it included the sole UK appearance of Frecce Tricolori as well as two rare fast jets, complimenting Royal Navy assets and civilian displays.


FEATURE: Why are Airshows important?

Airshows are among the world’s most popular events and contribute millions to local economies. Following serious safety concern and a string of recent accidents, we discuss why airshows should not be stopped.


REPORT: Red Bull Air Race Ascot

The Red Bull Air Race is said to be one of the most intense and thrilling competitions in the world. Fourteen experienced aerobatic pilots race against the clock, navigating their way around the course and between pylons, requiring skill, composure and G-tolerance.


REPORT: Singapore National Day Parade and SG50 This is Flight videos

As well as an aerial display comprising of 50 aircraft, Singapore’s Jubilee Weekend also saw the last ever display by the Black Knights. The highlight, however, was the 26-ship flypast of F-16s in the shape of a number “50” and bomb burst.


FEATURE: Remembering Kev Whyman

Today, August 1st 2015, saw the tragic death of display pilot, founder of the Gnat Display Team and friend of This is Flight, Kev Whyman. We thought it appropriate to give a tribute to him, no matter how small, to remember a fantastic and much-loved display pilot.


REPORT: Bray and Shannon Air Displays

On the weekend of the 18th and 19th of July, Ireland saw not one, but two air displays. The airshows shared some of the display acts, and highlights were the Viggen, MiG-15, Irish Air Corps formations and Patrouille Suisse.


REPORT: Royal International Air Tattoo This is Flight videos

Our longest ever airshow report comes from RAF Fairford and RIAT, which included three jet teams and several UK debuts, making it the best RIAT in several years. A total of over 200 aircraft took part.


REPORT: Yeovilton Air Day This is Flight videos

Yeovilton managed to pull together a stunning lineup of military and civilian aircraft, including a rare V-Jet formation, Patrulla Aguila and the French Navy Role Demo. The signature Commando Assault was also a highlight.

REPORT: Plymouth Armed Forces Day

Plymouth was an attractive and highly appropriate venue to hold an air display in conjunction with the nationwide Armed Forces Day event. Access to Plymouth’s lighthouse allowed for some stunning photo opportunities.


REPORT: RAF Cosford Airshow

The Cosford Airshow is the RAF’s only airshow this year, and despite several major cancellations and poor weather, it still managed to attract some top military displays and some civilian favourites.


REPORT: Paris Airshow – Salon du Bourget

Le Bourget in Paris once again saw the traditional showdown between Airbus and Boeing. This year, there were several new aircraft joining the show, namely the C-Series and JF-17, which performed a rare display courtesy of the Pakistani Air Force.


REPORT: Throckmorton Airshow

Throckmorton managed to put together an interesting lineup of aircraft, with the crowd favourites being Team Raven, O’Brein’s Flying Circus and the ever-popular Avro Vulcan – and for once at Throckmorton, the sun was shining!


REPORT: Quad City Airshow This is Flight videos

Despite cloudy conditions, a short lineup and only a five-ship Blue Angels display, the Quad City Airshow put together a high quality flying display with several interesting highlights, including T-33 “Ace Maker,” C-130 “Fat Albert” and the Hawkeye Jet Demo Team.



The European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition is one of the most important shop windows for the General Aviation and private jet industry. It is held in Geneva each year.

REPORT: Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Airshow

Barksdale hosted an amazing airshow including the B-1, B-2, B-52 and Blue Angels. A wide variety of warbirds and aerobatic aircraft also flew, and the Guppy made a rare appearance in the static display.

REPORT: Keesler AFB Open House and Airshow

David Leadingham and Jennifer Shields provide our first report from ‘across the pond.’ The stars of the show were the USAF Thunderbirds, but there was plenty of classic jet and warbird action to be enjoyed by the 200,000-strong crowd.


Tom Wittevrongel was at the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition (LIMA), which took place between 17 and 21 March at the Langkawi International Airport. It featured August 1st, Al Fursan, the Black Knights, Gripen and Su-30.

REPORT: Australian International Airshow

The Australian International Airshow, held annually at Avalon, is the largest airshow in the southern hemisphere. In 2015 it featured formations and role demonstrations from the Australian Defence Force and Singapore’s Black Knights.


FEATURE: MV-22 training in Japan

A detailed look at the role of the V-22 and how USMC officers are trained to use it at Okinawa, Japan, written by David Bignell.

REPORT: Sydney New Year Flying Display This is Flight videos

It’s hard to imagine a more spectacular setting for any kind of open-air event than Sydney Harbour. The city has built up a reputation in recent years for one of the most spectacular New Year firework displays in the world, attracting around 1.6 million spectators, with an additional 1 billion watching on TV.

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