Over 100 aircraft types confirmed for Italian Air Force’s centenary airshow

From the F-104 to the DC-6, and almost every active aircraft type in the Italian Air Force, a huge line up has been confirmed for the air arm’s centenary airshow at Pratica di Mare this June.

Dubbed the Manifestazione Aerea del Centenario dell’Aeronautica Militare, the event will be one of the largest and most memorable airshows of the year. The flying display, which will run for more than eight hours, will aim to tell the entire story of the Italian Air Force, from inception to the present day, while further aircraft will appear on static display. Only current and ex-Italian Air Force aircraft types will participate, with no, or extremely limited, foreign military participation.

An impressive initial participation list includes 112 individual types, although some of these types will be represented by more than one airframe. A special effort has been undertaken to bring some of these aircraft to the show, with an airworthy F-104G Starfighter being shipped over from the United States, a Fiat G.91 being restored to flight for the occasion, and airworthy warbirds flying in from the UK, France, Austria and Switzerland. It has not been confirmed which aircraft will take part in the flying displays and which will appear on static display only.

The flying display will begin at 10am daily, running until 5pm when a large scale parade and flyover of current Italian Air Force types will be present. Finally, the Frecce Tricolori will take to the air at 6pm to close the show with their ten MB-339s, adorned in a temporary colour scheme marking the centenary.

Historic aviation highlights include:

  • CA.3 Caproni
  • F-104G Starfighter
  • F-86E/K
  • T-33 Shooting Star
  • MB.326
  • Spitfire Mk.V/XI
  • P-38 Lightning
  • Fiat G.46
  • Fiat G.91
  • DH.100 Vampire
  • P-51D Mustang
  • P-47D Thunderbolt
  • Bleriot XI
  • DC-6B
  • F-16
  • Fi-156 Storch
  • Macchi M.C.72
  • Macchi M.C.202
  • Macchi M.C.205
  • Ansaldo S.V.A.9
  • Gabardini monoplane
  • Bell 47
  • Various historic training aircraft

Modern Italian Air Force assets on display include:

  • F-2000 Typhoon
  • F-35A Lightning
  • Tornado IDS
  • AMX A-11 Ghibli
  • T-346A Master
  • MB-339
  • C-27J Spartan
  • C-130H Hercules
  • KC-767
  • HH-139
  • HH-101
  • E550A CAEW
  • Airbus A319
  • Falcon 50
  • Falcon 900
  • P-72A MPA
  • MQ-9A
  • MQ-1
  • P.180 Avanti
  • Bell 212

The show will take place on the 17th-18th June at Pratica di Mare Air Base, near Rome – with more than 100,000 visitors expected on each day. Attendence is free, but by advance registration only; proof of registration and photo ID will be required.