June’s Danish Airshow in Ålborg cancelled

The Danish Airshow, scheduled for the 9th June, has been cancelled in a surprise announcement by the Royal Danish Air Force today.

The show had attracted a stellar flying and static display line up, and was shaping up to be one of the go-to events of the season, with several true rarities due to participate. This included flying display appearances by a German Sea King Mk.41 and Swedish SK.60, both in the final few months of operation, and static appearances by a Greek F-4 and German Tornados.

Also due to fly, the French Air & Space Force’s Rafale Solo Display, Danish F-16, Czech and Swedish Gripens, Swiss Super Puma and Slovenian PC-9.

The air force said: “In order to prioritize operational tasks, we have made the decision to postpone the Danish Air Show to 2025. Building and maintaining operational capabilities are our main focus areas, and from a broader perspective, we have found it necessary to defer the Danish Air Show to 2024 [sic].

“Naturally, we are sad about this decision, as it is a day we always look forward to, where we proudly showcase our workplace. We hope for and believe in understanding from everyone and look forward to welcoming you to the Danish Air Show and the 75th anniversary of the Air Force on June 15, 2025.”

It is well-known that the Royal Danish Air Force is heavily involved in assisting other air arms, including Ukraine and Argentina, with their transition to the F-16, while at the same time transitioning their own air force to the F-35. The Danish Airshow had already moved location, away from its initial 2024 home in Skrydstrup, to accomodate these activities.