A spectacular look at the inner
workings of the airshow world…

The Airshow is our annual documentary series, drawing upon the best of our footage throughout the year. Featuring privileged access, stunning cockpit video which puts you on board with the pilots and in-depth interviews, The Airshow takes you into the heart of the action, to show the immense amount of time, work and effort required to make airshows happen.


  • Follow Aerosparx on their ambitious trip to China
  • Enjoy the highlights of the RAF100 celebrations
    And much, much more…



 EPISODE II (2017)

  • See first-hand the challenges of warbird restoration
  • Follow Navy Wings’ challenging year
  • Go behind the scenes with the LIMA event organisers
  • Ride with the Jupiter Aerobatic Team on a special one-off flight
  • Watch pilots battle the weather at RIAT


 EPISODE I (2016)

  • Hear about the CAA’s new airshow fee increases
  • Join the Patrouille Suisse for a challenging day at RIAT
  • Watch the highlights of Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations
  • See the Air Boss at work at Thunder Over Cedar Creek Lake
  • Fly with the incredible ROKAF Black Eagles


Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the next episode of The Airshow?

We release one episode per year. Each episode will be released in the first half of December and will focus primarily on the events of the recent airshow season. We are unfortunately unable to commit sufficient time and resources to producing more episodes than this.


Why won't episode I play in the USA?

Unfortunately there is some background music in episode 1 that YouTube has blocked in the United States. However, we have also uploaded the film to our Facebook page for US viewers to enjoy (see above link).


What are the extra features, and how can I access them?

For each episode, there are three or four bonus features. These usually comprise extended cockpit sequences or uncut interviews, and they usually run to between two and ten minutes. Special features are only available to viewers of The Airshow on our YouTube channel; to access them, you must watch the episodes on YouTube and look out for the on-screen cards, or check the video description.


Your videos are getting repetitive. Why do you film at the same events each year?

Due to our limited funds, we are unable to travel significant distances to events in most cases. Therefore, there is a limited selection of events at which it is realistically possible for us to film. Additionally, while a substantial amount of each episode is new footage, some may have been released previously in stand-alone videos covering an individual event. However, even if footage is re-used, The Airshow takes a significantly different angle and tone to our other videos, offering additional insight and a more complex structure.


When will you feature team X or aircraft Y?

Our filming depends on the location of our team and on the goodwill of airshow organisers and performers. Without offers of interviews, team visits and cockpit footage, we wouldn’t have sufficient material to produce an interesting documentary. These factors are largely out of our control, but we do believe that we cover sufficient variety to keep most viewers happy. If you’re an airshow organiser, display pilot or aircraft operator, we’d love to do some filming with you, so please get in touch if you can accommodate us!


The Airshow must take hundreds of hours to make. Why is it free to view?

We want The Airshow to be a film that everybody can enjoy to show off the best of this amazing activity. If it were not free to view, our audience would be limited to a very small community of avid airshow-goers rather than to the general public. Creating paid content would also create significant additional hassle and cost which would likely render such a project impossible for an organisation of our nature.