Contributors’ Guidelines

Below are our expectations of contributors:

  1. Contributors must not expect to be paid. Our website does not make money and we will not pay for work.
  2. This is Flight usually expects material to be submitted within two weeks of an event having taken place. There is no obligation to provide material unless the contributor had a media pass, in which case they should commit themselves to submitting material.
  3. Contributors may be asked to undertake interviews and talk to air crew. We would prefer interviews to be recorded on video. This makes them more versatile and easy to use at a later date.
  4. This is Flight may offer press passes to contributors, but we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage caused while attending these events. Attendance is entirely at the contributor’s own risk.
  5. Photographs sent to This is Flight must not be watermarked. Photographs remain the photographer’s own property and they can use them as and when they like.
  6. Reporters must expect and allow for the editor to make reasonable changes to their work. The editor’s decision is final, and he can decline to post articles that are either substandard or do not meet TIF’s guidelines or formats.
  7. Reporters must notify the editor immediately if they cancel attendance at an event. Cancellations are strongly discouraged if media accreditation has been provided.
  8. Contributors are not employed by This is Flight, and cannot claim to represent it unless permission has explicitly been given by the editor.
  9. We expect all contributors to have a passion for aviation and airshows. As such, we expect them to be willing to conduct interviews and attend events whenever reasonably possible.

Similarly, we will operate by the following guidelines:

  1. This is Flight does not own any work you contribute and will credit it properly. It will be removed, within 24 hours if possible, upon request from the contributor. Photographs remains the property of the photographer and they can use their work as and when they like, including for other websites.
  2. We will never take money for contributors’ work or give permission for others to use it without prior permission from the copyright holder. If we receive a request to use or purchase material, it will be forwarded directly to the contributor.
  3. This is Flight will assist in media accreditation for regular contributors when possible*.
  4. This is Flight may repeatedly re-use contributors’ material on its website, YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter page unless the contributor states otherwise**.
  5. Please note that material submitted for This is Flight and used in a YouTube video involving more than one person (for example: The Airshow) will not be removed unless the editor deems circumstances to be exceptional. Submission is considered consent for permanent use.
  6. This is Flight will not re-use any contributor who causes us unreasonable or persistent inconvenience or whose work is consistently substandard.
  7. A password-protected Contributor’s Portal, including show briefings, guidelines, style guides, schedules and access to TIF email accounts will be available to all active reporters.

There is a separate Style Guide available to all contributors. A summary of the main points is:

  1. Reports should follow the requirements in the monthly briefing documents.
  2. Contributors should use US English for reports from North America and British/International English in all other cases.
  3. Acronyms should be displayed in block capitals without periods (eg. “TIF”, not “T.I.F.” or “Tif”). Abbreviations should be followed by periods (eg. “Flt. Lt.”, not “Flt Lt”).
  4. Numbers one to eleven should be written in text. The number 12 and greater should be written in numerals.
  5. If a measurement is given in feet, yards or degrees Fahrenheit, a conversion to metric measurements should follow the value in brackets (with the exception of altitude, which should be in feet only).
  6. Double quotation marks (“…”) should be used at all times, unless showing speech within speech or headlines/titles, when single quotation marks (‘…’) should be used.
  7. Dates should be written in long hand in the format day-date-month-year or date-month-year with no superscript (exceptions apply).
  8. The reporter should avoid political, cultural or other sensitive statements.
  9. The reporter must allow for some reasonable changes to be made by the editor.

Contributors are encouraged to submit the following material:

  • Written reports (1000-2500 words, 20-30 photos) in English (see above)
  • Highlights videos (5-10 minutes of unedited HD video)
  • Video reports (at least 1 hour of unedited HD video)
  • Other commissioned work (opinion columns, factual features, b-roll/documentary footage as specified by the editor)

This is Flight will edit work as necessary. We kindly request that contributors do not edit their own videos as this could affect the consistency of our releases.

Regretfully, we are not able to accept further UK-based contributors at this time. Those in mainland Europe, North America and other regions are welcome to apply.

Thank you for your interest in This is Flight – please email to find out more.

* We cannot guarantee accreditation. The event organiser’s decision is final.
** This could include the use of video clips in highlights videos or documentaries and the use of photographs in website headers, Facebook posts, articles and This is Flight promotional material.