Polaris Ghost Squadron 2024 airshow schedule

The Polaris program has released a 2024 airshow schedule naming six events that are due to host the team next year. While the unit’s primary mission is astronaut training, they have also made a small number of airshow appearances, with the first occuring in 2022. The company operates one MiG-29UB, two Alpha Jet As and a number of L-39C Albatrosses, and they have so far flown at airshows with combinations of up to six jets. The exact aircraft allocated to the shows on their 2024 schedule has not been specified.

Date Airshow Location Country
Apr 9-4 United States Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo Lakeland, FL USA
May 11-12 United States Fort Lauderdale Airshow Fort Lauderdale, FL USA
Jul 22-24 United States EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, WI USA
Aug 14 United States Atlantic City Airshow Atlantic City, NJ USA
Sep 21-22 United States NAS Oceana Airshow Virginia Beach, VA USA
Oct 26-27 United States Wings Over Houston Houston, TX USA