Vampire Airshows to get rare Vampire FB.6

IMPORTANT: This story is false. It quotes an erroneous announcement from Vampire Airshows which claimed they were procuring “the world’s only flying Vampire FB.6 … as seen in the movie ‘The Shepherd'”. It was accompanied by a photo of the Vampire FB.6 flown by the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron – the aircraft used in The Shepherd for all flying scenes. We therefore identified the RNoAF Historical Squadron’s jet as the aircraft purchased by Vampire Airshows, although the original story noted that the RNoAF Historical Squadron had not commented on the sale.

Since publication, the RNoAF Historical Squadron has stated that the story does not concern their aircraft. Vampire Airshows’ announcement has been amended to say they are acquiring “one of” the only surviving Vampire FB.6s, “the same type” featured in ‘The Shepherd’. The actual aircraft concerned is J-1187, which is not currently airworthy.

The original story is preserved below:

The Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron’s one-of-a-kind Vampire FB.6 has been sold to Vampire Airshows, according to Vampire Airshows owner Jerry Conley.

The aircraft, which formerly flew with the Swiss Air Force, is a common sight at European airshows with the Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron, alongside their CT-133 Silver Star, SB Lim-2 and Vampire T.55. She usually operated in Norwegian colours as a Vampire FB.52, but was most recently seen in Italian colours to mark the 100th anniversary of the Italian Air Force, and enjoyed a busy season flying at events across Europe from a temporary summer base in the UK.

The aircraft is expected to arrive in North America in 2024 and Conley is taking bookings for the 2025 season. Conley said that the first ten airshows to book the aircraft can decide her future paint scheme. The Norwegian Air Force Historical Squadron have not commented.

By the end of the 2024 season, Conley could operate as many as six Vampires, accounting for around half of the world’s airworthy population. This will include his newly-acquired FB.6, two-seat Vampires in RAF, Canadian and Swiss paint schemes, as well as a Sea Vampire in Royal Navy colours.