‘Year of the MiG’ – AirVenture to feature large line up of Soviet jets

AirVenture 2023 in Oshkosh, WI, is set to host one of the largest gatherings of airworthy MiG jets ever seen in North America.

Highlights of the flying display will include a trio of MiG-17s in the Warbirds segment. One of those MiG-17s, flown by airshow veteran Randy Ball, will also perform solo displays during the week.

Organisers have also promised the return of the Polaris Dawn MiG-29UB, which made its AirVenture debut last year. Typically, the MiG performs solo mini-demonstrations and flybys with Polaris Dawn’s Alpha Jets and L-39s, but this year, AirVenture have announced that the MiG-29 will also take part in the night show.

Elsewhere, a MiG-21 has also been announced as participating in the show. It is not clear whether this refers to a non-flying example is based at the airport as a museum exhibit, or to a visiting airworthy jet.

Meanwhile, MiG-23UB owner Dan Filer has repeatedly announced his intention to bring his newly-restored ‘Flogger’ to AirVenture. This has not been confirmed by the airshow organisers, and it is not clear whether it would participate in the flying display.