TIF teams up with Aerosparx & GliderFX

This is Flight is proud to announce a partnership with two of the most innovative aerobatic teams in the world, which will allow us to bring exciting new content to our readers and viewers.

Aerosparx, flying two Grob 109s, are the only display team to fly aerobatics in formation, with pyrotechnics, at night. GliderFX, meanwhile, display with an MDM-1 Fox, and hold the world record for the most number of rolls while on aerotow. They also perform dusk pyrotechnic displays and daytime aerobatic shows. Both teams are led by eight-time national glider aerobatic champion at the unlimited level, Guy Westgate.

This is Flight’s editor, Adam Landau will be filming and editing videos for the teams when they perform at airshows around the world over the next few seasons, which has already included airshows in China and Portugal.  Deputy editor Alex Prins will be taking photographs for the team. This will allow us to bring exclusive new content to This is Flight from a huge variety of airshows we would otherwise be unable to cover. We are also aiming to publish a feature-length documentary, entitled ‘Sparks Will Fly’, at the end of this year.

We look forward to working with Aerosparx and GliderFX over the coming months; follow their Facebook page to see our work with the team, and look out for content from far-flung airshows on our own website, social media and YouTube channel as well!