Wildcat Aerobatics

Wildcat Aerobatics are a civilian aerobatic team from the United Kingdom flying two Pitts Specials. The team is composed of Al Coutts and Willie Cruickshank (the latter being the head of aviation and sport with the Red Bull Air Race and series director of the World Championship Air Race). For 2015, the team was due to add David Jenkins, who flew an Edge 360, but was tragically killed during a display practice in 2015.

The team cancelled most of their 2019 season due to problems with one of their aircraft, and have not displayed since, as of March 2021.

Active: 2010-present
Country: United Kingdom United Kingdom
Home base: Old Buckenham
Operator: Private
Size: 2 aircraft (2 in display)

Pitts S2B (2010-present)
Edge 360 (2015)

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