Red Devils

The Red Devils (French: Diables Rouge) are the official aerobatic team of the Belgian Air Component. They fly alongside the air arm’s unofficial team, the Thunder Tigers. The Red Devils fly four SIAI-Marchetti SF.260 training aircraft.

First formed in 1957 flying the Hawker Hunter, the team often flew as a nine-ship team but occasionally appeared with up to 25 jets. In 1960, the team recieved the Red Devils name and was scaled back to just four aircraft. It was disbanded three years later.

In 1965, the team was reformed with seven Fouga Magisters. In the early 1970s, this was frequently cut back to just two or three aircraft due to increased fuel prices caused by the oil crisis. They expanded to a six-ship team after the crisis, but were disbanded again in 1977.

In 2008, the Belgian Air Force established a new four-ship aerobatic team os SF.260s called Hardship Red. They officially took over the Red Devils brand in 2011.

The Red Devils will disband again in 2024 due to the retirement of the SF.260 from Belgian service.

Active: 1957-1963, 1965-1977, 2011-present
Country: Belgium Belgium
Home base: Beauvechain
Operator: Air Component
Size: 4 aircraft (4 in display)

Hawker Hunter (1957-1963)
CM.170R Magister (1965-1977)
SF.260 Marchetti (2011-present)

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