Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team

The Flying Bulls Aerobatic Team are an acclaimed Czech aerobatic team flying the XtremeAir XA-42. They are occasionally confused with the Flying Bulls, an Austrian collection of historic aircraft also under the sponsorship of Red Bull.

The Flying Bulls specialise in negative-G and mirror formation aerobatics, with manoeuvres such as mirror loops and outside formation barrel rolls. They have performed across Europe, as well as in the Middle East, China and Korea.

Active: 1960-present
Country: Czech Republic Czech Republic
Home base: Jaromer
Operator: Private
Size: 4 aircraft (4 in display)

Zlin Z-256 Trener (1960-1989)
Zlin Z-50 (1989-2015)
XtreemeAir XA-42 (2015-present)

Unimax (1989)
Red Bull (2001-present)

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The team was formed in 1960, flying four Zlin Z-526 Trener aircraft under the name Box Trener. In 1989, the team switched to the Zlin Z-50 and came under the sponsorship of Unimax, flying as the Unimax Devils and later the Sky Box Aerobatic Team. They finally came under Red Bull sponsorship in 2001 and transitioned to the XtremeAir XA-42 in 2015, dropping to a three-ship formation for one year as they became accustomed to their new aircraft.