Aerobatic Team ANBO

Aerobatic Team ANBO is a Lithuanian aerobatic team flying three Yak-50s. It is one of the only aerobatic teams in the Baltic region. The team mainly performs in northeast Europe, but has also flown as far afield as China and the Republic of Korea.

ANBO is particularly well-known for their extreme low level flying, which often includes flying under obstacles such as bridges, cranes and gantries, or flying alongside ground-launched pyrotechnics.

The team use various special effects to enhance their show. They are one of the few civilian aerobatic teams to use coloured centreline smoke (usually in Lithuanian national colours of yellow, green and red) and they are also capable of performing pyrotechnic displays at night.

[Photos provided by Aerobatic Team ANBO]

Active: 2010-present
Country: Lithuania Lithuania
Home base: Kanaus
Operator: Civilian (Kanaus Air Club)
Size: 3

Yak-50 (2010-present)

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