Aerobatic Team Orlik 2024 schedule

The Polish Air Force’s Aerobatic Team Orlik has released a calendar for their 2024 season, including shows in Poland, France and Greece. This year, the team will perform with five aircraft – all PZL-130 TC-II Orliks. Only full aerobatic displays – not flypasts or static appearances – are listed below.

Date Airshow Location Country
May 18-19 SempAir Optimi Airshow Krzesiny, Poznań Poland
Jun 15-16 Świdnik Air Festival Świdnik Poland
Jun 21-22 Antidotum Airshow Leszno Poland
Jun 29 Centralne Pokazy Lotnicze Zamość Poland
Jul 6-7 Podkarpackie Pokazy Lotnicze Mielec Poland
Aug 10-11 Dni Węgierskiej Górki Węgierska Górka Poland
Aug 24-25 Meeting Aérien de la Somme Albert – Picardie France
Aug 30 Święto 1.SLT Malbork Poland
Sep 14-15 Athens Flying Week Tanagra Greece
Sep 21 Piknik Lotniczy Łask Poland