Patrulla Aguila 2024 schedule

The Spanish Air Force has updated its 2024 event calendar with several Patrulla Aguila displays. The calendar as it stands may well be incomplete.

Patrulla Aguila fly seven C-101EB Aviojets, known as the E.25 Milo in Spanish Air Force service. However, following a three-year hiatus during the pandemic, the team returned to the circuit in 2023 flying only six aircraft. The C-101 has mostly been retired from Spanish Air Force duties and is due to leave service service imminently, and there are conflicting rumours as to whether Patrulla Aguila will be able to continue with a replacement aircraft.

Date Airshow Location Country
May 3-5 Spain Festival Aéreo San Javier Santiago de la Ribera, Murcia Spain
Jun 1 Spain DIFAS Oviedo Spain
Jun 15 Spain 50º Aniversario del ALA 14 Albacete Spain
Jul 26-28 Spain Festival Aéreo Internacional de Gijón San Lorenzo Spain
Sep 6-7 Austria Airpower Zeltweg Austria
Sep 14-15 Greece Athens Flying Week Tanagra Greece