French Air Force 2023 two-ship Tactical Display schedules

The French Air and Space Force has released a schedule showing display locations for their three unofficial tactical display teams: Couteau Delta, Mustang X-Ray and Requin Mike.

These teams, drawn from regular front-line units and training squadrons, each fly two aircraft, showcasing a mix of combat manoeuvres and formation passes. They typically fly at a very small number of shows each year and the exact number and nature of tactical display teams changes each season.

This year’s teams are Couteau Delta (3e EC) flying the Mirage 2000D, Requin Mike (4e EC) flying the Rafale B and Mustang X-Ray (Ecole de l’Air) flying the PC-21.

We have only included public events in the schedule below.


Date Show Location Country Team
Jun 11 Spain Festival Aéreo de Motril Granada Spain Mustang X
Jun 24-25 France Fly In France St. Yan France Couteau D
Aug 5 France Meeting aérien du Championnat du Monde de Rallye Aérien Macon France Couteau D
Aug 20 France Meeting Aérien Pons Pons France Mustang X
Sep 9-10 France Air Legend Melun – Villaroche France Requin M
Sep 9-10 France Légend’air en Limousin Saint Junien France Mustang X
Sep 23-24 France Meeting Aéroclub de France Chartres France Requin M
Sep 24 France Meeting de Lens Lens – Bénifontaine France Requin M
Sep 30-Oct 1 France Journée Portes Ouvertes Avord France Requin M