Aviation is complex and filming aircraft is difficult – why not hire a specialist? Our team have hundreds of hours of experience both working at, and filming, airshows. Familiarity with regulations and procedures, combined with carefully-curated skills, has made us one of the go-to organisations for airshow filming in the UK. Our extensive archive of airshow material also makes us the perfect choice for crafting promotional videos for future events using existing footage.


For the 2023 season, we are putting a particular focus on “aircraft announcement videos” for airshow organisers – the latest and most dynamic way to announce air display performers, and possible to complete and publish within a matter of minutes after you recieve confirmation of an aircraft’s participation at your event.


As part of our efforts to improve standards, facilitate innovation and secure the future of British air displays, new display pilots may be entitled to free video services and fellow members of the British Air Display Association are eligable for half-price day rates in some situations. Find out more here.


Some of our recent projects can be seen below.

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Paris Air Legend 2023 advert
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Aerosparx in Dubai showcase
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Cosford Air Show announcement
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Midlands Air Festival 2023 advert
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Antidotum Airshow announcement
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Mach 0.2 Aviation 2022 promo*

*This video was made under our scheme providing free media services to new display pilots who are members of BADA (see above)