Video services

Our video work has been used by television stations, air forces, events and aerobatic teams all over the world. We are the official video producer for the Aerosparx and GliderFX display teams and have worked with a number of airshow events. We are available to conceptualise, film and produce a video project from scratch, to record raw high-quality 4K footage for you or to edit existing footage.

Photography services

Our experienced photographers can work with you on bespoke photoshoots, or simply provide imagary of your team or event. Most of our team are published, professional or semi-professional photographers with experience of shooting air-to-air and ground-to-air.

Drone operations

Our team includes a UK qualified commercial drone pilot with experience operating a UAV in an airshow environment across Europe and the Middle East. This has included complex aerial filming with the Aerosparx Display Team and Flying Dragons during public aerobatic displays and extensive operations at major airshows in Poland and the Middle East, recording teams such as the Saudi Hawks, the Flying Bulls and the Swedish Air Force Historic Flight at close quarters.


Many of our photos and videos are available for licensing, although as copyright is currently retained by the creators, we may put you through to a third party to discuss the licensing of our material. Licensing fees will depend on the quality and quantity of material requested, and the intended use of the material. They are ultimately at the discretion of the copyright holder.

We're here to help you

There are dozens of other ways we may be able to work with you, from simply covering your team or event on our website to providing event or video voiceover by a trained narrator. Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page to find out more.