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Comprising This is Flight founder Adam Landau, AGL Films’ Alex Prins and a small number of international partners, the This is Flight Film Unit are experienced and versatile small-budget aerial filming specialists. From unique drone and air-to-air videography and conventional ground-based filming to supplying voiceover and archive footage, we’ve worked with broadcasters, event organisers and display teams all around the world to capture and showcase all kinds of aviation in ways never thought possible before. We are the official video producers for the Aerosparx and GliderFX display teams, as well as the Midlands Air Festival and Antidotum Airshow Leszno.

The director of TIF’s video output is Adam Landau, who created TIF’s popular Airshow Dispatches series in 2018 (now available on WingsTV) and has created countless promotional videos for airshows organisers and aerobatic teams. Filming with the latest 4K/50p-capable professional camera equipment, Adam has recorded over 300 hours of flying display action since 2014, has experience choreographing aerial sequences and has undertaken almost a dozen air-to-air shoots. He is also a trained journalist and has provided voiceovers for a number of online aviation films, with millions of views combined.

As one of the only drone pilots suitably qualified and experienced to operate within an active airshow environment, Alex Prins has been developing innovative new techniques to bring drones into the world of airshows in cooperation with aerobatic display teams and national regulators. In 2019, Alex became the first person to legally fly a drone within the aerobatic box at a UK public airshow, and has since recorded aerial events in Poland, Portugal, France, the UAE and Saudi Arabia, each time coordinating with national aviation regulators, pilots and event organisers to get the best out of their event without compromising safety.

As well as taking videos from conception to completion, the TIF Film Unit has worked with other media organisations, broadcasters, airshow organisers and air forces. Videos from our archive are available to license, and have been used by the Smithsonian, BBC, CCTV, TVN Turbo, Aeropact, Google SG, AirshowStuff, AirShow360 and the air forces of Singapore and Indonesia.

Mostly shot in broadcast-quality Ultra High Definition, our collection includes everything from 112-year-old string and fabric wonders to modern jet fighters from Russia, the USA and many others; early First World War biplanes; rare Chinese passenger jets; classic civilian designs such as the de Havilland Comet; and a huge variety of British, American, French and German fighters, bombers and trainers from the Second World War – Spitfires, Hurricanes, Mustangs, Lancasters, Thunderbolts, Gladiators, Moths, Yales, Harvards, Trojans, Buchons, B-17s, B-25s, P-38s, Catalinas and Blenheims among them, as well as dozens of more obscure types too numerous to mention.

The TIF Film Unit is based in the UK, but has operated as far afield as Latvia, China, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia. We have also worked with established partners in Australia, Singapore and the United States. To discuss licensing our footage, or to hire the Film Unit to record with your team or at your event, please contact us. Alternatively, to view a recent example of our work, click here.