Initial performer list for Edwards AFB Aerospace Valley Airshow announced

The Aerospace Valley Airshow, the first public airshow to be held at Edwards AFB in 13 years, has announced an initial list of performing aircraft for their show, due to be held on the 15th-16th October 2022.

Headlined by the USAF Thunderbirds, the event will feature a huge variety of locally-based aircraft with organisers promising “several surprises you will have to see to believe”. Performers are slated to include the F-22, F-35A, F-16, T-38, C-12, B-52, B-1, KC-46, KC-135 and RQ-9. They will be joined by “various NASA aircraft” and one regular US Air Force solo demonstration team, the West Coast C-17A Globemaster Demonstration Team. A “Race to Mach 1” demonstration is also planned, with no specific details given – but airshows at Edwards usually feature a “sonic boom” at the start of the show.

Further aircraft have also been announced for the show’s static display, including the F-22, F-35A, F-16, B-52, B-1, KC-46, KC-135, C-5M, NASA F-15 and X-62 Vista, a highly-modified experimental version of the F-16D.

Airshows at Edwards, although rare, are known for featuring a particularly extensive line up of aircraft, given the base’s use as a major flight testing centre. This year’s show is particularly important as it marks 75 years of the US Air Force and 75 years since the sound barrier was first officially broken by a manned aircraft – an event which took place at Edwards AFB. The base’s remote locations means it is perhaps the only airshow where visitors can regularly experience “sonic booms” today.