Royal Moroccan Air Force’s Marche Verte aerobatic team to make two rare visits to Europe this year

Marche Verte, the elusive aerobatic team of the Royal Moroccan Air Force, will make two rare visits to Europe this year, flying at airshows in Portugal and France.

Flying the CAP-232, Marche Verte are unique in that, for part of their display, all seven aircraft perform formation aerobatics while tied together. They then split apart, breaking the ropes that connect them, to perform more dynamic manoeuvres in smaller groups. They are typically accompanied by a CASA C296 support aircraft.

The team will perform at Beja in Portugal this weekend (2nd-3rd July) for an airshow marking the 70th anniversary of the Portuguese Air Force, where they will be joined by the Frecce Tricolori, Patrulla Aspa, a Belgian Air Force F-16AM, Spanish Air Force C.16 Typhoon and Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR.4. In September, they will return to the Europe, performing in Toulouse, France, at the Meeting Aérien Des Étoiles et des Ailes. Held on the 25th-26th September at Franzacal Airport, and now in its fourth edition, the show will also feature the Patrouille de France, Cocardes Marine, Rafale C from the French Air & Space Force and Atlantique II from the French Navy.

It is the second time the Meeting Aérien Des Étoiles et des Ailes has featured Marche Verte, with the show having hosted the team during their most recent visit to Europe in 2018. Before that, they flew at Cambrai and Avord, France, in 2010. Marche Verte has particularly strong links to France, having been founded in 1988 French aerobatic pilot Jean-Pierre Otelli, at the decree of King Hassan II of Morocco, initially flying a pair of CAP-231s.

They performed a wider European tour in 2009, which took them to Reims and Dijon in France, Koksijde in Belgium and Volkel in the Netherlands.