IWM Duxford plans four airshows and seven Flying Days in 2022

The Imperial War Museum will be bolstering its line up of airshows in 2022, with four full-size air displays, up from the usual two. It will also be hosting five Flying Days featuring full-size aircraft, and five featuring remote control models.

Duxford’s two main airshow themes will return next year: the Summer Airshow and the Battle of Britain Airshow. The Battle of Britain show occupies its usual slot in September, while the Summer Airshow will be held in June rather than July.

Two of the most popular Flying Days of 2021 will become full airshows in 2022. The Flying Evening will be returning in late August, while the Best of 2022 event in October effectively revives the museum’s popular Autumn Airshow, which ran until 2013.

Themes for the Flying Days will include Station 537 and the American Air Museum, General Aviation, D-Day and VE Day. There will also be two flying days themed around model aircraft, including one that marks the centenary of the British Model Flying Association.

For the first time in many years – aside from the pandemic-hit 2020 season – Duxford is not currently scheduled to host a major airshow in July. Until 2019, this slot was occupied by Flying Legends, organised by The Fighter Collection. More recently, it was used by the Summer Airshow.

While airshows at Duxford typically feature three to five hours of air displays, Flying Days usually offer around one hour of action. They are cheaper to attend than full airshows, and free for IWM members. The idea was pioneered in 2019 to give visitors an opportunity to see locally-based aircraft in flight in a more relaxed setting than a major airshow. They were also used to give new display pilots and Flying Control Committee members vital experience of public air displays.

Ticket information and pricing is not yet available.

Date Event Theme
Apr 23 Flying Day General Aviation
May 7 Flying Day VE Day
May 8 Flying Day Model aircraft
Jun 5 Flying Day Commemorating D-Day
Jun 18-19 Airshow Summer Airshow
Jul 23 Flying Day Young Aviators
Aug 1 Flying Day The Americans
Aug 27 Airshow Flying Evening
Sep 10-11 Airshow Battle of Britain Airshow
Oct 8 Airshow Best of 2022
Oct 9 Flying Day Model Aircraft Centenary