Polish Air Force F-16C “Tiger Demo Team” 2021 schedule

POZNAN | The Polish Air Force F-16C Tiger Demo Team’s 2021 airshow schedule has been released by the 31st Tactical Air Base at Poznan.

The base’s Facebook page said training flights would begin today (Wednesday 19th May), with six shows currently planned this year in four countries.

The Tiger Demo Team was formed in 2016, with training conducted by Greece’s Zeus Demo Team.

Date Show Location Country
Jun 18-19 Poland Antidotum Airshow Leszno Poland
Jul 31 Poland Radom Poland
Aug 21-22 France Meeting International de la Somme – Hauts Albert – Picardie France
Sep 4-5 Greece Athens Flying Week Tanagra Greece
Sep 10-12 Belgium International Sanicole Airshow Hechtel Belgium
Sep 20 Poland Airshow Lask Lask Poland