Gusto Tactical Display: New French Air Force Mirage 2000 demo team to debut in 2021

VAUCLUSE | The French Air Force will debut a new tactical demonstration team in 2021 flying two Dassault Mirage 2000Cs.

Mirage 2000N at RIAT 2015 (file image). Photo: Jim Lucas

Escadron de Chasse 2/5 Île-de-France, based at BA115 Orange – Caritat, will field the new demonstration team, which will perform a 12-minute pairs demonstration, according to the squadron’s website.

It will mark the end of a two-year hiatus, during which the French Air Force has not demonstrated the Mirage at airshows. Couteau Delta, flying two Mirage 2000Ds, was disbanded in 2018. Since then, the French Air Force has begun flying two-ship Rafale tactical displays.

The Rafale Tactical Display has already gone through three iterations, In 2021, it will be provided by two units depending on availability: 4 Escadre de Chasse at Saint Dizier will perform with two Rafale Bs under the name Requin Mike, while 30 Escadre de Chasse at Mont de Marsan will fly two Rafale Cs under the name Bravo Vautour.

The French Air Force has a strong legacy of staging two-ship tactical demonstrations, but if all goes to plan, this will be the first time in recent years that they have fielded two-ship tactical demonstrations by two different aircraft types in a single display season.

While display dates for the Rafale Tactical Display are yet to be published, the new Gusto Tactical Display already list three dates for 2021. According to the squadron website, the display will be seen at the following shows:

  • Sep 11-12: Air Legends, Melun – Villaroche, France
  • Oct 3: Meeting Aérien de Gap – Tallard, Gap – Tallard, France
  • Oct 14: 80th Anniversary of EC2/5 “Île-de-France”, Orange – Caritat, France