Turkish Stars NF-5 in fatal accident at Konya

KONYA | A Northrop NF-5 Freedom Fighter of the Turkish Stars aerobatic team was involved in a fatal accident today, Wednesday 7th April.

The jet crashed during a training flight at the team’s home base, Konya, according to local news reports. Images of the accident show debris spread across a wide area. Team pilot Burak Gençcelep, 38, was killed in the accident, the cause of which is being investigated.

The Turkish Stars were formed in 1992 and display with eight ex-Royal Netherlands Air Force NF-5A/B Freedom Fighters. They are based at Konya alongside the Yüzbaşı Turkish Air Force’s other demonstration team, SoloTurk.

Today’s accident is only the second fatal crash in the team’s history, with the first occuring in 2012.