Malta Airshow back on again after government backs event

LUQA | The Malta International Airshow will go ahead in 2020, despite officially cancelling the show in September.

The Malta Aviation Society, who organise the show, said on the 17th October 2019 that the airshow will return on the 26th-27th September next year, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism.

Minister for Tourism, Konrad Mizzi, said: “The Malta International Airshow will be another key addition to the Visit Malta calendar of events and will attract a number of visitors and enhance niche tourism. We will keep working closely with all stakeholders involved to make sure that this event is successful.”

The announcement comes less than a month since the airshow was cancelled because Malta Airport declined, at the time, to provide sufficient parking space for participating aircraft. Then, the Malta Aviation Society said they had “ceased all preparations for the event.” A lack of government support has also been cited as a key reason for the show’s failure in recent years.

The Malta Airshow has had a troubled past, last being held in 2017 over the sea near Smart City, after the government of Malta forced the show away from the airport, where it had been held since 1993. The latest announcement does not make it clear whether the airshow will again be held over the sea, or if it will return to the airport.